Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Break!!! : ]]

Woohoo! It is winter break!! :]] Today was our last day of the year 2009. Yay! I am so happy...Tee-hee! So anyways... 7 days until Christmas! I am excited about that, too... All we did today was watch movies. I guess that's good, right? CHICKEN! A guy in my class will randomly say that. I have an especially odd class.

I found a picture of the Graffiti alphabet- It is so cool! I keep drawing my friends either their name or their fave animal or something in graffiti. I hope I get art supplies for Christmas... Coz I know exactly what I am going to do!

I am learning more about Hanukkah and it is really cool! I love playing with dreidels.

I am drowning on and on and on and on on this post. So I am going to end it! :) Done.