Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Funny how I always start my posts with today, right? Yeah, I know it isn't. Hey! For all my friends reading this who know my email, what are your fave songs?? I wanna know. :) Mine is Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo. I also like Somebody's Watchin' Me by Mysto and Pizzi! (You know, in the Geico commercials?)


We had a substitute. We read pages out of our science book. We then did a worksheet on it. Then we worked on out Holiday Packet.


We had a substitute. We had a worksheet. We had jolly ranchers.

IN READING/ LANGUAGE ARTS- We were assigned an in-school project. It is due Thursday. Woohoo. I am soo excited. Can't you tell from my writing. (Again, I am using sarcasm)

Wow... Another boring day. Whatev. Time for randomness!!! Tee-hee!

What if you got an email that said this:

Dear [Insert Name],
Tree moss is green, like toe fungus. Waffles are yellow, like mustard. sfjuiuasdhfkasdhfklasdhfksadfkhasdfhk

Thank you for wasting your time on this email.

--[Random Name]

Wouldn't that be odd?