Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Right now it is 5:56 Eastern Time. PANDA$!!! He he he. I feel REALLY hyper right now. Weird... I had not caffeine-wait-I had hot chocolate. Oohh... That's why.

I am chillin' with my sweats on. Amazing.

Today, all I really did was chill. I mean, seriously. Usually I am going somewhere or I am at a friend;s house or something.

Do any of the people reading my blog have the game for DS called Animal Crossing? I do. Finally, there is snow on the ground! I made a snow man. He talks. He is so cool. His name is Snowman. Very Original.

My quote of yesterday,"I am sarcastic! Is that bad?" My aunt laughed at that. I don't really know why.

Yesterday I got to see my cousin cheer! She is amazing! And her team is too.

I might write another post today... If I feel like it!