Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009


A whole bunch of my friends and I went caroling, today. (Yes, I know I am writing this on a Saturday!) Anyways... Before even that, we hung out at my friend's house waiting for everyone to get there. So then we went caroling and we got to sing a lot of songs since we went around the neighborhood. LOL One of the people from my school was kinda freaked out and closed the door on us-LOL Then he opened it and said,"Encore! Encore!" I was pretty funny. Not the "Encore!" part, the "closing the door on our faces" part. After we got cold and tired, we went back to my friends house and had some homemade hot chocolate and had an ornament gift exchange! I ended up with a peace sign ornament. :) It is really cool. I don't know who got mine, but my ornament was some little creature on this block thing that lit up. LOL. I am great at describing things. (No I am not.)