Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Woah, Man!

Woah, Man! It's been an AMAZING summer this year!

I have been to a few camps, and I am actually in the middle of one right now.
They have been great, I love them!

Tons of sleepovers- way too many too count! I love my Best Friends! We are like sisters, I call their moms, Mom. Haha

Swim Team! Never won a meet. Our team just sucks like that. Haha, but we always got second! (Way to look at it like we achieved something) =]

Sadly, one of my friends has not texted me this whole summer, and I am mad because, well, I am not mad, but I am just irked because she won't reply! **Says in creepy voice** Answer me, little child!

No, I am not a creeper.

My Birthday is coming! It's on August 9th. And the awesome thing about this year, it will be 9-9-10. Ha! This Birthday will be beast. Too bad I am turning 12. It would have been amazing if I had been turning 11. 8,9,10,11. Woohoo! 8,9,10,12! I guess it works.

One thing that really sucks, though...School starts on the 10th. That is bad. That is terrible. That is really suckish. They need to go grow up, and throw up, and then make school start on the first of September, and end on the First of May. That would be awesome.

That will never happen.