Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whatever you want to call this- It doesn't have a name.

Okay...I don't really have anything to write about. Oh, yesh... I just remembered. So, a guy in my class, very weird, very weird, was hiding under my desk (Don't ask why...) And so I was just getting ready to leave to home from school! Of course, I had no idea he was there, because I'm one of those people who zones out. :) Anyways, he starts to tickle my leg, and then I start jumping around, not realizing what the heck was going on, and then he pokes his finger right behind my knee-cap and I jump- and scream- and run to the door...Lucky me, my teacher had no idea what was going on. MLIA. (My Life Is Average)

I will now type with my elbow: juswm, bnhjyubn bmjbn hjyuas aqcvgftr nmj AAQZsdf gtrytion v hyo.............. Okay....What I was trying to type: I wish you knew what I was trying to say.